Dealing with Being Tired

Daily Movement Prompts, Tuesday, February 14, 2017 edition: Dealing with Being Tired

How do you approach your exercise or movement plans when you’re tired? Do you modify the activity because you have less energy? Do you reschedule for later and go with rest and recovery instead of movement? Do you shift your plans for activities that perk you up and give you energy?

Some days I just don’t get enough sleep (staying up to meet deadlines, fighting off trouble sleeping, making plans that keep me up late or require getting up early). Those days are the toughest for choosing movement. Those are the days I just want to collapse early (and often). And honestly, I might be better for it when I do choose rest since I know that mathematically, I have not prepared my best for the activities I had planned.

Other times, just shifting my plans to a short walk or a brisk swim or quick dance drill is all I need to feel both accomplished and not over-taxed for energy.

How do you deal with being tired?
How did you move today?
Was today a rest and recovery day?

To all my Movement Valentines’, I wish you all my love and affection.