Muscle Types

Daily Movement Prompts, Monday, April 17, 2017 edition: Muscle Types

I was thinking about yesterday’s post on the Slow-mo Poses for movement, and I kept remembering the phrase “slow twitch” as a muscle type. I couldn’t remember the opposite phrase for fast muscles, so I looked it up.

* Type I, Long distance, Slow twitch
* Type IIa, 400m/800m, Fast twitch oxydative
* Type IIb, Short sprints, Fast twitch glycolytic

Fast twitch. Now I know. And there are two types of fast: Going fast for specific distances like running the 400m or 800m, and fast for all-out short sprints.

In the activities you do, how do you work both your slow twitch and fast twitch muscles? If you were looking for an idea for today, you could consider something in this category. How could you drill those fast twitch muscles?

And if today is a rest/recovery day, you con consider this as a thinking and planning exercise: Using your mind to plan for your workouts later.

How will you move today?